• Learn from Apex Innovators like Apple, Google, and Amazon. Fuel your decision making with pretotyping. Create your own build the right it strategy.

    Your team has plenty of ideas.
    Choose the right ones. 
    Build the right it.

“Pretotyping helps you fail fast and learn fast, and leaves you plenty of time, money and enthusiasm to explore ideas until you hit on the thing people really want — that rare and wonderful right it!”

Alberto Savoia

let us help you build the right it



"My team uses [pretotyping] extensively. It has had a big impact on our ability to fail fast and execute faster."

"[Pretotyping] changed the way I think about products."

"... your presentation yesterday was fabulous!  The entire room was buzzing afterwards and throughout dinner.  We cannot thank you enough for sharing your 'pretotyping manifesto' with our execs and their key clients."

the book

In his new book, Alberto Savoia offers a strategic approach to help you beat market failure. This approach is based on case studies, insights from his time at Google, as well as his experience as an entrepreneur and consultant. Some of the valuable lessons in his book include strategies for collecting your own market research, how to formulate a market engagement hypothesis, and why “pretotyping” tools are key to gauging if there is a viable market for your product or idea.

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