Quick Start

Get a quick start for your team today and start building the right it in weeks, not quarters. Take your core team through the fast track build the right it workshop along with intensive coaching to get dozens of ideas tested in less than a quarter.  Let us accelerate your failure rate of fast fails to increase your success rate. With our combination of skill building and coaching you and your team get a boost of informed productivity without the expense and time of recruiting and hiring an experienced team.

Executive Team Acceleration

You are feeling the pressure. What felt like a nice lead in the market now is a push to stay out front. As the rate of innovation increases it’s harder to keep your position as industry leader or make progress to take on the top player.  Sharpen the apex innovators eye in your whole team and make the key decisions for the company based on reliable data instead of just the opinions in the room.

Pretotyping Coach Certification

Pretotyping is the core technology that helps to implement your The Right It strategy. Build that capability internally with pretotyping coaching certification and take control of your own innovation strategy. Become an apex innovator from within.  This certification builds on the core Build The Right It workshops. It goes deeper and helps you to create new pretotyping methods, coach others to help them learn, workshop materials and facilitation guides to lead your own workshops.  Build the right it team to help you build it right.

Innovation Culture Assessment

How innovative is your company? Innovation is happening everywhere but how can you be sure that you have the right competencies? Innovation looks different in structure in every company, but the behaviors, skills and attitudes are the same across company. What is the culture you have and how much does that support innovation? Understand your innovation culture through interviews and instruments.  Set the course and make changes that align with your business goals.