Choose the Right It (Pretotyping Workshop)

You have lots of ideas - for products, services, changes to partnerships, supply chain, and your operations processes. But which ones are the ones that will have an impact and which are the ones that will take time and resources away from your bottom line?

You have to decide and your choice is either follow your gut, or the CEO's gut or collect the data that makes the decision for you quickly and easily.

People don't make data driven solutions because the cost to get data is too high. With Pretotyping technology you can collect actionable data in hours and days instead of months and quarters.  Are you ready to make the right decisions?

Total Innovation (Combinatorics Workshop)

With the Apex Innovators eye you look at every new technology and asses - how will this impact my business. Technology and innovation is changing our lives and the rate of innovation is increasing faster everyday.

Take the time to step back from your business and see what is changing around you. Find the future innovations that will change your industry and set the new trend before happen. Don't want for things to change and try to play catch up.

We will guide you through an analysis of your business, your core products, your innovation potential and look at new technologies that are here to change your future. Get on the leading edge of change.

Embracing Emerging Technology

As the CEO you would never outsource all financial control to the CFO and because you "just don't understand" financials. The same is true of technology. All companies are technology companies now. The leaders in your company need to understand the business impact of emerging technology on your business and industry before your competitors put you out of business. Explore the technologies and methods to evaluate their business impact. You can't outsource the future of your company.